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Shipping Complete Bicycles



We charge a flat rate of 250.00 for shipping complete bicycles. This may seem high but read on.

Many companies try and jam a bike in as small as a box it can fit to avoid dimensional weight shipping fees. While this can indeed save shipping dollars it often leads to bicycles damaged in transit and bikes that require considerably more assembly and ironically, more packaging to protect the bike that is shipped in little more than a cardboard skin.  To add insult to injury in the case of shipping damage your damaged bike may not be covered by the shippers insurance due to "insufficient packaging".

We use a VERY large box to ship your bike to you safely and securely in a 99% assembled state. Put on your front wheel and pedals, straighten the bar, adjust your saddle height & tire pressure and you are ready to ride. No special tools,  no mystery parts boxes.



"The most secure packaging we've ever seen." - Cyclocross Magazine


The box we ship in is reusable and can be easily used to ship your bike anywhere in the world using The box itself is a 150.00 item.

This is, in our experience, the best way to ship you a bike that will not be damaged and will be ready to ride with the least effort. 

If you wish to avoid shipping a bike and the expense that goes with it, we deliver for FREE within 100 miles of Huntington Beach, CA. 92649.

If you would like to order a bike shipped as a frame and parts kit we can do this for a lower shipping cost.  Email for a quote.

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