Our Passion Is Making The Bikes You Deserve

Our Philosophy


With quality bikes getting more and more expensive, a high end cycling experience is becoming harder and harder to come by for the working man or woman. Our goal at Coastline Cycle Company is to provide this experience at a lower price than you would find in any retail shop.

That being said, we will make no compromise for the sake of saving a few dollars. These bikes are spec’d AND built from behind the desk of a customer service manager; one with a long history of correcting issues created by the corporate race to meet a price point. This is experience we are drawing from to create very durable bicycles with very little concern for maintenance. We control pricing by selling direct, avoiding expensive middle men and minimizing overhead, not by sneaking subpar components where a potential customer might not look.

We feel that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. This starts with solid, dependable and functional products and ends with a lifetime of legendary customer service. This is our philosophy and drives every decision we make. Want to talk to an owner? Give us a call or send us an email. We will personally respond to any and every inquiry.  

Every bike we deliver will come with a lifetime warranty on the frame and will be 100% assembled by Coastline Cycle Company at our facility in Huntington Beach, California.

Every rider is family for life.

“When I say you can count on our bikes, it’s with a fist smashing down on my desk. I MEAN IT!”

-        Chad Battistone, Co-Owner at Coastline Cycle Company

     Copyright Coastline Cycle C  o LLC - 2016

**Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice - Which Usually Means Free Upgrades Here At C.C.C.

Copyright Coastline Cycle Co LLC - 2016