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The ONE Concept



In the beginning there was only the bicycle.

It didn't matter what kind as long as it rolled on two wheels. As we grew older the options grew along with us, as did our understanding of the benefits of one bike vs another. Today our options seem almost limitless; mountain, road, cruisers, city, bmx, urban, comfort, touring, e-bikes...the list goes on.

For us, our passion for cycling has almost always been centered around mountain bikes and singletrack; there is nothing else in cycling that comes close to the feeling of flying down a narrow slice of heavenly singletrack like you’re Luke Skywalker flying through the forests of Endor on a stolen Imperial speeder.

But we don’t all live in the mountains and the trailhead is not always at your doorstep. Such is life for many of us. We live in the urban jungle. We live in suburbia.

So which bike do you choose when you want to go to the beach, when you have to go to work or when you just want to take a spin around town? You can choose a super-efficient road bike, which will have you hunched over like a jockey and ready to topple over at the next stoplight (or chiropractic office). You can choose a laid back cruiser that might be super comfy, but when it comes to riding any kind of substantial distance will leave you winded, lonely and bored. You can choose a city style bike that might look great with your derby cap and calabash pipe, but will otherwise leave you uninspired and lacking confidence when it comes to the next driveway ramp or set of stairs in your path. Then comes the worthy mountain bike. Efficient and comfortable enough to ride for miles on end, durable enough to gap those stairs you’ve been eying and stable enough to handle whatever else you might want to throw at it, but you don’t want a “mountain bike”...

This is where we have found our calling…

Our mission is to give you an urban bike that can do it all; set up with a balance of efficiency, stability, fun and versatility with very little worry of maintenance or durability issues. The 27.5 wheel size gives you fast acceleration, great roll over ability without the sluggishness of larger wheels. Our goal is to give you the bike that will make you feel like a kid and fall in love with cycling all over again.

TLDR?: Imagine the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing had a bicycle love child. Fast, agile and beyond durable, this bike will help you escape the dark imperial forces and save the princess!


CCC ONE 27.5 - Concept Drawing - B. Sorenson

                                    CCC ONE Concept Drawing - B. Sorenson
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**Specifications Are Subject To Change Without Notice - Which Usually Means Free Upgrades Here At C.C.C.

Copyright Coastline Cycle Co LLC - 2016