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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Coastline Cycle Company is proud to announce the official launch of our brand. Co-founded and headed up by industry veteran Chad Battistone, Coastline Cycle Co is launching with only one bicycle, aptly named the “One” a belt drive bicycle that begs to be ridden…anywhere. There will be 5 variants at launch time.

Coastline Cycle Co LLC was formed in 2015 by longtime friends Chad Battistone and Brady Sorenson. Chad brings 20+ years of bicycle industry knowledge in roles from part time wrench, to retail store manager, to customer service manager for some of the industry’s leading brands to the project.

“It’s a bicycle!” exclaimed Coastline’s Chad Battistone. “We don’t want to tell anyone what to do with our bicycles; We want them to tell us what they are doing with them. Go ride em, go have fun, go experiment, go crazy! While efficient and comfortable transportation is indeed at the heart of these bikes, it was not accomplished by compromising on other functionalities. Our corporate policy is as follows: Price points, schmrice points, we’re all about no compromise!”

Chad further explains: “We say it all the time; these bikes were built from behind the customer service managers desk.  We know it is a super unexciting and unglamorous way to describe it but it’s true. We are building bikes to be ridden without fear of damaging your high modulus carbon fiber, having your power meter stolen off of your training bike at Starbucks or having the frame buckle because you were forced to panic swerve down a set of stairs. Our test riders are 250LB hammer heads, not flyweight spinners. When I say you can count on our bikes, it is with a fist smashing down on my desk. I mean it! The chance to avoid the pitfalls I have spent a large portion of my career fixing after the fact is very exciting. Years of troubleshooting help make the function of our bicycle secondary to the experience of having the world roll by under your tires.”

Brady Sorenson also hails from an action sports background; engaging in a lifetime of high adventure from rock climbing and mountaineering to surfing, wake and snowboarding and of course, a long time cycling enthusiast, he also spent a few years working (together with Battistone) at Nirve Sports, when they were a consumer direct Surf, Snow, Skate, Wake and BMX brand. Brady noted; “I loved my time working in the action sports industry and I am super excited to get back into something that I am very passionate about as a career.”

“Brady is a good friend, a skilled rider and a great partner in Coastline. He helps keep me out of the bubble that I can get trapped in. Likewise there are few people I trust to belay me when I grab the sharp end of the rope and Brady is one of them.” said Chad.

With a planned launch on Kickstarter beginning March 1st, Coastline Cycle Co will offer 5 stock versions starting at around $1,000 for a rigid belt drive single speed to $2,800 for an 8 speed internally geared bicycle equipped with an MRP suspension fork. Carbon rim upgrades and custom graphics will also be offered. All launch bicycles will be equipped with Gates Carbon Drive Centertrack systems mated to Shimano hubs and Race Face cranks. To read more information about the Kickstarter effort as well as geometry and specification info, check out

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