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Dropper Post 101


The dropper post - The greatest innovation in cycling this century - The dropper post has become very popular in the mountain biking community and for good reason.

The idea with a dropper post is that you can set your saddle height on the fly to suit your terrain. This is accomplished in our case by pressing a small lever on the handlebars (where a front shift lever would normally be) and using body weight to set the saddle wherever you want it within 150mm* of available travel, then releasing the lever to lock the saddle in place.


Why do you need a dropper post?  Glad you asked...

Dropper post benefits:

Speed: hit the lever at the top of your climb and you are instantly ready to start descending. While your friends are adjusting their quick release, you’ll already be knee deep in flowey fun.

Modulation: Find the perfect balance of ride height and maneuverability over varied terrain, then back up to the most efficient pedaling height when the trail smooths out.

Ease of mounting and dismounting: Drop the saddle at the end of your ride and you will find it much easier to get off the bike and likewise when you get back on due to the substantial difference in overall height.

Comfort: when rolling down a steep hill on a traditional bike, your weight is shifted forward, increasing strain on your wrists and destabilizing your riding position. With the dropper post you can lower your center of gravity almost 6”*, dramatically increasing stability and reducing arm and wrist strain. Roll up to a stop light and place your feet comfortably on the ground while still sitting on your bike, instead of having to stand in front of your seat. Cruise the bike path with the seat down when you’re not in a hurry, then transform your bike back to an urban rocket ship when it’s time to make tracks.

Versatility: While it may sound like extravagance at first, once you get used to having the ability to instantly and infinitely adjust your ride height to suit your terrain and/or mood at the touch of a button, you will wonder how you ever lived without this function in the first place.

A quick press of a lever and this forced dismount for a low branch becomes a tunnel you ride under. 

Dropper posts - Not just for downhill anymore.

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